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  Workshop Commitee



Reviewer and Advisory Board

  • Name: Berlingher Remus Daniel
  • Affiliation: Faculty Of Law, Vasile Goldis Western University Of Arad
  • Keywords: Law, International Private Law, Private Law, Conflict Of Law
  • Email: berlingherdanieL(at)yahoo.com


  • Name: Genc Trnavci
  • Affiliation: School Of Law, University Of Bihać
  • Keywords: Civil Law, International Commercial Law, Comparative Law, Human Rights
  • Email: g.trnavci(at)gmail.com


  • Name: Michal Maslen
  • Affiliation: Faculty Of Law, Trnava University
  • Keywords: Administration, Law, Authority, Legality
  • Email: michalmaslen(at)yahoo.com


  • Name: Alessio Lo Giudice
  • Affiliation: Department Of Philosophy Of Law, University Of Catania
  • Keywords: Democracy, Legitimacy, European Union, Sovereignty
  • Email: alogiudice(at)lex.unict.it


  • Name: Michael Fernandez-bertier
  • Affiliation: Faculty Of Law And Criminology, Universite Catholique De Louvain
  • Keywords: White Collar Crime, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Banking And Finance
  • Email: michael.fernandez(at)uclouvain.be


  • Name: Edita Gruodyte
  • Affiliation: Faculty Of Law, Vytautas Magnus University
  • Keywords: Criminal Law, Human Rights, European Criminal Law, Legal Ethics
  • Email: e.gruodyte(at)tf.vdu.lt


  • Name: Dr Timea Drinoczi
  • Affiliation: Faculty Of Law, University Of Pecs
  • Keywords: Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Legisprudence, Constitutional Dialogue
  • Email: drinoczi.timea(at)ajk.pte.hu


  • Name: Bjoern Hoops
  • Affiliation: Faculty Of Law, University Of Groningen
  • Keywords: Property, Expropriation, Legitimacy, Democracy
  • Email: b.hoops(at)rug.nl


  • Name: Tamas Javorszki
  • Affiliation: Faculty Of Law And Political Sciences,university Of Pecs
  • Keywords: Criminal Procedure Law, International Legal Cooperation In Criminal Matters, Economic And Financial Crimes, Setting Up Procedure And Operation Of Joint Investigation Teams
  • Email: javorszki.tamas(at)freemail.hu


  • Name: Masa Kovic Dine
  • Affiliation: Faculty Of Law, University Of Ljubljana
  • Keywords: International Law, Biodiversity, Environment, Forests
  • Email: masa.kovic-dine(at)pf.uni-lj.si


  • Name: Damir Banović
  • Affiliation: Center For Political Studies
  • Keywords: Legal Theory, Law Philosophy, Multicultural Legal Theory, Politics Of Identity
  • Email: damir.banovic20(at)gmail.com


  • Name: Lars Nickolson
  • Affiliation: Faculty Of Social And Behavioural Sciences, University Of Amsterdam
  • Keywords: Church And State, Freedom Of Religion, Liberal Egalitarianism, Non-discrimination
  • Email: L.nickolson(at)uva.nl


  • Name: Omar Mahomed Khan
  • Affiliation: Tshwane University Of Technology
  • Keywords: Islamic Law, Islamic Economics, Banking, Commercial Law
  • Email: advomarkhan(at)gmail.com


  • Name: Mohamad Amin Alomar
  • Affiliation: Institut De Sciences Politiques Louvain-europe, Universite Catholique De Louvain
  • Keywords: Public Administration, E-government, Public Procurement, E-procurement
  • Email: mohamad-amin.alomar(at)uclouvain.be


  • Name: Jasna Baksic-muftic
  • Affiliation: Faculty Of Law, University Of Sarajevo
  • Keywords: Human Rights, Gender, Political System, Conflict
  • Email: j.baksic.muftic(at)pfsa.unsa.ba


  • Name: Konstantinos Kalemis
  • Affiliation: Uoa, Ekdda, Geology And Environmental Studies, National And Kapodistrian University Of Athens, Greece
  • Keywords: Islamic Law, Human Rights, Public Administration, New Post Public Management
  • Email: kkalemis(at)primedu.uoa.gr


  • Name: Necmettin Kizilkaya
  • Affiliation: Islamic Law, Theology, Istanbul University, Turkey
  • Keywords: Islamic Law, Ottoman Law, Islamic Economics, History Of Law
  • Email: nkizilkaya(at)istanbul.edu.tr


  • Name: Zerrin Savasan
  • Affiliation: Department Of Ir, Fac.of Eco. And Administrative Sciences, Selcuk University, Turkey
  • Keywords: Turkish Law, Eu Law, International Law, Environmental Law
  • Email: szerrin(at)selcuk.edu.tr


  • Name: Zamira Xhaferri
  • Affiliation: European And International Law, Faculty Of Law, University Of Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Keywords: Eu Institutional Law, Eu Administrative Law, Eu Constitutional Law, Food Law
  • Email: zamira.xhaferi(at)maastrichtuniversity.nl


  • Name: Mahmoud Fayyad
  • Affiliation: Private Law Department, Faculty Of Law, University Of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Keywords: Civil Law, Contract Law, Consumer Protection Law, Competition Law
  • Email: Mfayyad(at)sharjah.ac.ae



June 15, 2017
Paper Submission Due

July 10, 2017 (Firm)
Extended Paper Submission Due

July 20, 2017
Acceptance Notification Due

August 15, 2017
Registration Due

September 9-10, 2017
Conference Dates